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About Us

Adiradh Energy Pvt. Ltd. locating its head office in Hyderabad, India, specializes in sales, technical support and service of Electrical testing and measuring instruments , Electrical safety equipment’s, Meter testing equipment’s, Measuring tools, Power tools,  from our facility. We offer a full range of products that are mentioned below:

  • Transformer and Substation testing products
  • Cable fault location and High voltage test systems
  • Power Protection and Switchgear test equipment
  • Thermal imaging and Temperature measuring instruments
  • Motor and Generator testing equipment
  • Emergency Restoration system -ERS Towers
  • Electrical test and Measuring Instruments
  • Electrical safety and Transmission line test equipment
  • Partial Discharge testing equipment
  • Battery testing equipment
  • Single- and three-phase portable test devices
  •  Gas-in-oil monitoring of transformers
  • Meter testing  equipment
  • Measurement tools
  • Power tools
  • Environmental testers

All equipment that will be delivered is backed with a full warranty, after sales support and technical backup including training. We provide a full range of electrical test equipment across India viz. Hyderabad; Visakhapatnam; Vijayawada; Chennai; Puducherry; Trichy; Coimbatore; Hosur; Bangalore; Hubli; Mysore; Cochin; Kolkata; Pune; Goa; Mumbai; Thane; Kanpur; Jaipur; Nagpur; Delhi; Noida; Gurugam; Bhopal; Vadodara; Ahmedabad; Chandigarh; Vadodara; Chandigarh; Tata Nagar; Raipur; Bhilai; Angul; Jabalpur; and Aurangabad.

Selecting the correct electrical equipment for your requirements is very challenging. Whether you are in designing, testing, troubleshooting, or diagnosing phase, there are several factors you should consider when selecting the correct instrument for the task. Understanding the parameter that you need to measure is the first step in searching for the appropriate instrument.

Adiradh energy  offer a wide range of electrical safety test equipment to help you measure AC & DC current and voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, harmonics, active, reactive power energy, and more. From capacitance and Tan delta kits; Sweep frequency response analyzers; CTPT analyzer; Transformer turns ratio meter; Transformer and Substation test system; Oil breakdown test kits; Insulation diagnostics analyzers; Transformer winding resistance meter; Karl Fischer moisture in oil test sets; Portable dissolved gas analyzers; Online dissolved gas analyzers; DGA equipment for transformer monitoring; Primary current injection testing; Protective relay testing; Circuit breaker testing; Vacuum interrupter tester; Low resistance testing; Micro Ohm meters and Leakage current monitor for surge arrestor; Time domain reflectometers TDR; HV DC test kits; VLF test kits; Portable cable fault location equipment; HV cable fault locators; Sheath fault locating system; Cable test van systems, Fault pinpointing equipment’s; Surge wave generators; Cable diagnostics; Cable route tracer; Cable identification kits; Overhead line locating systems; Cable height meters; Hand held infrared thermal imaging cameras; Thermovision cameras; Thermography cameras; Fixed automation thermal cameras; Infrared thermometers; Real time thermal imaging cameras; Gas detection cameras; Optical gas imaging cameras; Intrinsically safe infrared thermal imaging cameras; Infrared thermometers; IR Windows; Insulation testers; Earth resistance meters; Clamp on earth resistance meters; Clamp meters; Earth leakage clamp meters; Multi-function installation testers; RCD testers; Power quality analyzers multi meters; Battery load units; Battery impedance testers; Battery Ground Fault Locators (BGFT); Digital Hydro meters; Static electric motor analyzers; Dynamic electric motor analyzers; Online motor analysis system; Electric motor QC systems; Vibration analyzers; Vibration monitors; Voltage detectors; Earthing and short circuiting kits; Voltage comparators; Telescopic rods; HT/LT discharge rods; Insulated gloves; Insulated matting; ARC flash protection; PPE; Lockout tag out equipment; Emergency Restoration Systems(ERS) towers; SF6 gas leak detectors; Lux meter; Laser distance meter; Ultrasonic distance meter; Sound level meters; Moisture meter; PV Analyzer;  Irradiance-meter,Laser measures ,Line lasers ,Rotational  lasers, Meter testing equipment  and otehrs

Challenges Inspire Us

Customers in and around India rely on our ground-breaking testing, diagnosis and monitoring solutions for electrical energy systems. They include energy providers and utilities, manufacturers of equipment for the transmission and distribution of electrical power and more. Adiradh product range spans from test sets and solutions for power transformers, circuit breakers, rotating machines, cable systems and others. With our monitoring solutions, even in-service monitoring of high-voltage assets such as generators, motors and cables is possible. In addition, we offer a wide array of services in the fields of commissioning, consulting and training. By providing extraordinary customer service and creating opportunities for exchanging knowledge, we believe that we can create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers that will help us both tackle the challenges of the changing energy world together.

We represent several major brands of electrical test equipment including Megger, Honeywell ,GE, Flir, Fluke,Lindsey, Metrel, Kyoritsu, Honeywell , MTE , Bosch and others  We also stock a full range of electrical testing and measuring equipment and also offer full product and software support, including product training. We ship goods daily across India and are proud of our ability to be a truly National provider of test and measurement solutions to a growing base of clients, who rely on us to safely undertake their projects. All staff employed by Adiradh Energy are experts in their specialist field and can assist with product selection, application and support. We are available by email 24 X 7. If you have questions about electrical safety test equipment requirements ,contact Adiradh Energy application specialist today.