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Static discharge stick

The Static Discharge Stick is designed to safely remove the static charge after de-energizing. This tool is pre-assembled and includes a brass alloy “U” hook, closed cell foam-filled tubular fiberglass switch stick made in accordance with ASTM Standard F711. Adiradh Energy supply Static discharge sticks have 6 feet of copper grounding cable attached to a Salisbury 1814 flat jaw, grade 3, bronze serrated clamp with strain relief.

Salisbury  by Honeywell have  two models of  static discharge sticks  20817 and 22629

Static discharge stick 20817

Static Discharge Stick

Insulated Static discharge stick 20817

Static discharge stick 4’ (1.2m) length , Cable length 6Ft , weight 3.6 Kgs

Static discharge stick 22629


Static Discharge Stick-22629

Static discharge stick w/ universal attachment 1’ (0.3m) length Cable length 6Ft , weight 0.17 Kgs

Brochure for Static discharge stick  Download