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Battery discharge unit

Adiradh Energy offers Battery Load Unit Megger make TORKEL 900 series which measures total battery current while regulating it at a constant level. Furthermore, the high discharge capacity of TORKEL gives the opportunity to shorten the test time.TORKEL 900 is the fourth generation in the series of Megger’s trusted battery discharge test systems.  Discharge testing is the only test method that provides a comprehensive insight into battery capacity, and is therefore an essential part of vigorous battery maintenance programmes.Tests can be conducted at constant current, constant power, constant resistance or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile. Together with the cell voltage logger, BVM, now connected directly to the TORKEL 900, it becomes a complete stand-alone discharge test system. Discharging can take place at up to 220 A Voltage measurement from 0 to 500V DC, and if higher current is needed, two or more TORKEL units or extra load units, TXL, can be linked together.

Battery Load Unit TORKEL 900 series  is connected to the battery, the discharge current and the alarm levels (voltage, capacity, time) are set. After starting the discharge TORKEL keeps the current constant at the preset level. When the voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, TORKEL issues an alarm. If the voltage drops so low that there is a risk for deep discharging the battery, TORKEL shuts down the test. All values are stored in Battery discharge unit  TORKEL and can easily be transferred via an USB-stick to a PC for evaluation. Adiradh energy  offering Megger make  Battery Load Unit Models Torkel 910,Torkel 930 and Torkel 950 in  Hyderabad,Chennai, Bangalore , Pune , Delhi , Mumbai ,Noida,Kolkata,Surat,Ahmedabad,jaipur Nagpur and other areas in India

Battery load unit applications 

  • Discharge testing for full insight into battery capacity
  • Enhanced safety features including spark free connection and emergency safety fuse
  • Ability to test the battery without disconnecting it from the system
  • High discharge capacity shortens the test time
  • A complete stand-alone discharge test system


Battery Load Unit -Toklel 900 Series

Battery Load Units Torkel 900 series

TORKEL comes in three models, 910, 930 and 950

Battery load unit ordering information 

Torkel 910 with accessories  Part No: CS-19190

Torkel 910 with accessories case large   Part No: CS-19191

Torkel 930 with accessories  Part No: CS-19390

Torkel 930 with accessories case large   Part No: CS-19391

Torkel 950 with accessories  Part No: CS-19590

Torkel 950 with accessories case large   Part No: CS-19591

Battery load unit review

Battery load unit Torkel900 series review

Brochure for Battery Load Unit Torkel 900series Download

Battery External Load Units 


External load unit

Battery extra loads TXL830, TXL850, TXL865, TXL870 and TXL890

Battery external load unit ordering information 

TXL830 Extra load Part No:  BS-59093
TXL850 Extra load Part No:  BS-59095
TXL865 Extra load Part No:  BS-59096
TXL870 Extra load Part No:  BS-59097
TXL890 Extra load Part No:  BS-59099

BVM – Battery Voltage Monitoring

BVM equipment is a battery cell/block voltage measurement system performed on battery banks. It can be used in conjunction with a load device such as the TORKEL. It can also be used to measure cell/block voltages from a PC with TORKEL Win or PowerDB. The BVM system is designed in modular form where one BVM unit is used for each cell or block in the battery string to be tested. One BVM unit for each cell or block connects to the next in a daisy chain fashion.

Battery Voltage Monitoring

Battery cell/block voltage measurement system

Adiradh Energy offers  Battery Load Units and battery discharge systems  Torkel 900 Series in India; Hyderabad; Visakhapatnam; Vijayawada; Chennai; Puducherry; Trichy; Coimbatore; Hosur; Bangalore; Hubli; Mysore; Cochin; Kolkata; Pune; Goa; Mumbai; Thane; Kanpur; Jaipur; Nagpur; Delhi; Noida; Gurugam; Bhopal; Vadodara; Ahmedabad; Chandigarh; Chandigarh; Tata Nagar; Raipur; Rudrapur;; Durgapur; Kharagpur; Raigarh; Bhilai;Angul; Haldia; Jabalpur; Indore; Jamshedpur; Rajahmundry; Bokaro Steel City; Salem; Kochi; Rourkela; Ahmedabad ;Jamnagar; Bharuch; Sri City; Nashik; Haridwar; Mathura; Aurangabad; Bhubaneswar and other cities