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Cable Route Tracing And Identification System

Adiradh Energy offers Megger make Line and fault location Ferrolux with –Audio frequency Generators FLG10,Ferrolux with –Audio frequency Generators FLG50,Ferrolux with –Audio frequency Generators FLG200,Receiver FLE 10 and Route tracer Easyloc Utility location system to detect and trace cable runs and pipe networks.Route tracing is used to determine where the faulty cable lies and pinpointing is the process of determining the exact position of the cable fault. Cable identification system CI/LCI helps users to easily identify de-energized and energized MV&LV electrical cables among multiple conductors, in trenches, manholes, panels, aerial/underground conversions, etc. Phase identification system PIL8 permits a fast and especially safe phase determination at the jointing location during the mounting of medium voltage cables. Phase Verification System PVS 100i assists you in checking the phase quickly and precisely. It helps you to avoid faulty switching, eliminates safety risks, reduces operation expenses, prevents a one-sided load of the network and improves the service.
Brochure for Route Tracer EASYLOC

Brochure for Cable Identifier CI LCI

Brochure for Line and fault location Megger Ferrolux FL10 FLG10 FLG-50 FLG200