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Circuit Breaker Analyzer Systems

Adiradh Energy  offers Megger make Circuit Breaker Analyser is used to measure a circuit breaker’s timing cycle.The timing channels record closings and openings of main contacts, resistor contacts and auxiliary contacts..Quick performance check of CB by measuring C, O, C-O, O-C & O-C-O timings with resolution of micro-seconds and selectable delay between multiple operations.Indicates pole to pole and break to break timing discrepancy for CBs having up to 1 main & 1 PIR contacts per pole, all 3 poles simultaneously.Healthiness of Auxiliary contact by measurement of Auxiliary contacts timings (Wet / Dry contacts selectable) – input for auxiliary contact setting to obtain specified C-O time Healthiness of Close / Trip coils of all three poles monitored simultaneously. Megger have circuit breaker test equipment TM1800,TM1700,EGILand B10E

TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser

Megger (Programma) TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser is used to measure a circuit breaker’s timing cycle. The timing channels record closings and openings of main contacts, resistor contacts and auxiliary contacts.The TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser supports communication with the CABA Win Breaker Analysis Software.The TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyser features a  modular construction which makes it possible to performe measurements on all known types of circuit breakers in operation in today’s power world.

Circuit Breaker Analyser

Circuit Breaker Analyser-TM1800

Overview of TM1800

  • Modular based design – user configurable TM1800 from nine different modules
  • Built in PC with CABA Local software – advanced testing with predefined breaker test plans (templates), onsite measurement view and analysis
  • DualGround™ testing using DCM module – increased safety with both sides of breaker grounded
  • Fast and easy testing – Select-Connect-Inspect workflow and high level user interface
  • Graphical results for quick interpretation – timing and motion measurements, coil currents
  • USB and Ethernet communication interface – for quick back up, LAN connection and printer options
  • CABA Win – for advanced data analysis, database interface and common test data archive

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TM1700 Circuit breaker analyser

TM1700 Circuit breaker analysers utilizes some of the ground breaking technology from the top of the line version TM1800. There are four models starting from PC-remote controlled to fully stand-alone. All models can be controlled from a computer using the well proven data management and analysing software CABA Win. The robust design offers powerful technology that assists the user to achieve efficient and reliable circuit breaker testing. All inputs and outputs on the instrument are designed to withstand the challenging environment in high-voltage substations and industrial environments. Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs makes it possible to perform all relevant measurements in one test, eliminating the need for new setup and re-connections.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer System

Circuit Breaker Analyzer System-TM1700

  • Provides reliable and accurate test results in noisy high voltage substations
  • Five standard models. Full stand-alone functionality or data acquisition models without user interface.
  • Fast and safer with DualGround testing, both sides of breaker grounded
  • On-screen assistance with connection diagrams and test template Wizard
  • All models can be controlled via computer

The patented DualGround method makes the testing safe and time saving by keeping the circuit breaker grounded on both sides throughout the test.The timing measurement inputs are using a patented Active Interference Suppression algorithm to ensure correct timing and accurate PIR (Pre-Insertion Resistor) values even at high capacitively coupled interference currents. The adaptive and easy-to-use software allow the user to perform the test by simply turning the test switch without the need for settings. The operator is only one click away from advanced help functions such as connection diagrams. The 8” color touch screen, with on-screen keyboard, allows the user to efficiently operate this high-level interface.

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EGIL -Circuit breaker analyzer 

EGIL is an automatic timer and motion analyzer for medium- and high-voltage substation circuit breakers. It is intended for use on circuit breakers with one contact per phase. EGIL incorporates features commonly found on more complex test systems, but is designed to be smaller, simpler to use and less expensive than other similar test sets. It’s price makes it attractive to smaller utilities and it is an ideal supplementary product for maintenance departments at larger power companies and for testing contractors.


Circuit breaker analyzer -EGIL

  • Suitable for testing timing and travel on all circuit breakers with single interrupter per phase
  • Extremely easy-to-use and reliable
  • Two separate timing channels for measurement of auxiliary contacts
  • Analog measurement channels for travel transducers or general voltage/current measurements
  • Static and dynamic resistance measurements along with the SDRM201 accessory

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B10E-Trip coil tester

A variable DC voltage is needed to test a circuit breaker. Substation batteries should not be used since this entails considerable risk for testing personnel, testing equipment and also for the equipment being tested. The best way to ascertain whether or not solenoids and protective mechanisms are sluggish or set improperly is to perform a test at minimum tripping voltage. The minimum trip voltage test is described in a number of international and national standards such as IEC 62271-100, ANSI C37.09 etc.B10E d.c. voltage power supply can be used to test breaker coils in this manner. It provides a ripple-free variable DC voltage that can easily accommodate a high, variable load

Trip coil tester

-B10ETrip coil tester

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