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Earth Resistance Testers

Adiradh Energy offers Megger make Earth ground testers in India provide quick, accurate impedance measurements through several test methods: 4 pole testing for Soil resistivity testing,3 terminal testing ground electrode testing, stakeless testing and 2-pole testing. Earth Testers always preferable with features of IP 54 ingress protection, High Noise immunity and CAT IV safety. Most facilities have grounded electrical systems, so that in the event of a lightning strike or utility overvoltage, current will find a safe path to earth. Digital Earth testers have built-in Microprocessor-controlled, user-friendly, with self- diagnostic features,alphanumeric display, re- chargeable battery. Mounted in a robust case and provided with hammer & 4 GI spikes and up to 50 meters long cable on a cable winder. Earth Testers in India offers wide resistance range from 0.010 Ohm to 19.99 kilohm for testing larger,more complex grounding system &tough testing environments. Adiradh Energy also Supply appropriate tool for a fast, safe and reliable grounding resistance measurement using Tower Footing Resistance Meter and High frequency earth testers in each tower of a working line transmission, without disconnecting the ground wire. Megger have, DET3TC – 3 Terminal Ground Resistance Tester, DET3TD – 3 Terminal Ground Resistance Tester, 4-Terminal Ground Resistance And Soil Resistivity Testers, DET4TD2, DET4TR2, DET4TC2 and DET4TCR2.