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Electric Motor QC Systems

Adiradh Energy offers Megger Baker Instruments Automated Stator Testing System Baker WinAST designs and manufactures electric motor test systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that help ensure their motors and coils meet or exceed the quality expectations OEMs wish to set with their customers. The Baker WinAST and Baker HV WinAST are semi-custom, fully automated, high-volume electric motor testing units that can test thousands of motors, generators or coils per day, depending upon the size and types of motors, or the testing fixtures used. These automated stator testers are used to test AC motors ranging in size from fractional to 5000 hp, as well as DC motors up to about 1500 hp. Unlike other volume manufacturing test approaches, this system does not require a master winding to perform routine production tests, nor does an operator need to set test voltages or pass/fail limits when production is switched to another motor model. All test parameters are programmed into a master, “known-good” data file, an operation that can be performed in minutes.
Adiradh Energy offers Megger Baker WinTATS traction armature test system is a reliable, field-proven system for accurate, rapid testing of armatures in motor manufacturing and quality control operations. The fully-automated unit performs the required set of tests that motor manufacturing and rebuild shops need for quality assurance and control. AC hipot, DC hipot, surge and resistance tests are standard. In operation, an armature to be tested is loaded onto the armature indexing stand. The armature is rotated by a rubber drive wheel, which is in contact with the armature and is propelled by a computer-controlled stepper motor. Usually, one or two optical sensors are used to sense the commutator slots as the armature rotates. This fixture is designed for years of heavy-duty operation in a manufacturing environment.