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Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera Monitoring Systems

Adiradh Energy Energy offers fixed amount heat measuring thermal imagers FLIR A310, FLIR A310 PT, FLIR A310 EX,FLIR A310 F are a non-contact technology that measures infrared wavelengths to determine temperatures from a safe distance. When mounted onto a surface, the fixed mount cameras are ideal for security, industrial, and arial monitoring that can be installed almost anywhere to monitor your critical equipment and other valuable assets.

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FLIR A315, FLIR A315 f are compact and affordable thermal imaging camera, fully controlled by a PC.
FLIR A35 is a thermal imaging temperature sensor for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention applications.

FLIR A615 is an easy-to-control, affordable, and compact thermal imaging camera for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention.

FLIR AX8 combines thermal imaging with a visual cameras in one small, affordable package for continuous temperature monitoring and alarming.

FLIR FC-Series R features on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of substations, waste disposal, and valuable equipment.