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Infrared thermal imaging cameras-Thermal imagers-Thermography cameras-Thermovison cameras

Adiradh Energy offers Flir make Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras Entry level ONE PRO Series , Compact Thermal cameras Flir C series, Infrared Cameras Flir Ex series ,Advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras EXX series , Professional Thermal Cameras T 500 series , High-Performance Thermal Cameras with Viewfinder, Thermal Cameras for Predictive Maintenance T 600 series ,Flir 840, HD Thermal Imaging Cameras T 1000 Series ,Fixed Automation Thermal cameras ,Optical Gas detection Cameras GF Series , full radiometric flexibility,FLIR K-Series thermal imaging cameras to create powerful reports using software.Electrical cabinets, Breakers ,Control panels ,Bus bars, Distribution boxes, Cable connections and motor control centers are regularly scanned with a thermal imaging camera.By detecting anomalies at an early stage production breakdowns can be avoided and money can be saved.

Thermal imaging  cameras are available range -20 °C to 100 °C, +250 °C , +350 °C +600 °C, +900 °C +1200 °C, +1500°C +2000°C depending on different models that incorporate temperature measurement allow predictive maintenance professionals to make well informed judgments about the operating condition of electrical and mechanical targets.Selection of Thermal Imaging Cameras make and models depends on detector Thermal resolution 80 × 60 , 320 × 240, 640 × 480, 464 × 348, 160 × 120, 120 × 90 , 1024 × 768 , 480 × 360, 384 × 288 , 240 × 180 pixels ,Temperature range , Thermal Sensitivity ,Frame rate ,modern features like Multi spectral dynamic Imaging MSX ,Picture in Picture PIP ,Tillable,Thermal Fusion, large LCD Screen , View Finder ,Auto focus, Built-in GPS, Radiometric IR Video Streaming,Touch-screen, Software capabilities ,additional telescopic and wide angle lenses.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Electrical applications

Thermal Cameras for Electrical for detecting safety hazards before they happen.IR Infrared Thermography is the primary non-destructive method used by utilities to identify overheating and potential failures in Transmission line system components
Transmission Lines Inspection using Thermovision Cameras :Components include phase conductors splices, termination hardware and ceramic and non-ceramic insulators ,etc.
Distribution Lines Inspection using Thermal Imaging Cameras : Components include pole tops and hardware ,swiches and transformers ,compression fittings and insulators ,etc.
Substations inspection using Thermography Cameras :Components include capacitors and fuses ,switches and buses, insulators,termination hardware and Transformers ,etc.

Electrical thermography

Thermal imaging camera in Electrical applications

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Mechanical applications 

Thermal camera inspection is perfect method for Plants and factories to inspect electrical distribution panels, UPS power supplies, steam systems and HVAC systems, Rotating equipment such as bearings, belts, motors, gear boxes, and other mechanical systems can take considerable advantage of the benefits in early detection and productivity savings.

Motor Thermography

Thermal Imaging camera for Mechanical applications

Thermography Cameras for Buildings and cold storage Units

Building professionals look for insulation losses and other building related defects with a Thermal imaging camera. finding insulation losses and repairing them can mean huge energy savings.Thermal Imaging Cameras for Building envelop inspection Pinpoints Air Infiltration and missing Insulation ,Find water ,steam pipe leaks,detect Roof Moisture Problems,Energy Auditing &Inspection , HVAC&Plumbing,Property &Facility Management

Water leak thermography

Thermographic Detection Of Water Leaks and Moisture damage

Thermography Cameras for Furnaces  and boilers 

Small problems with industrial furnaces and boilers can quickly become expensive problems. See through the flames with FLIR to quickly and safely inspect your facility. Find problems in furnace tubes quickly and safely without shutting down facilities. Specialized Thermal Imaging Cameras for monitoring all types of furnaces, heaters and boilers, chemical, petrochemical

Furnace thermography

Thermography for Furnace and Boiler inspection applications


Optical Gas Imaging for detection Gas leaks

A thermal imaging camera for optical gas imaging visualizes and pinpoints gas leaks without the need to shut down the operation. The portable camera also greatly improves operator safety, by detecting gases at a safe distance, and helps to protect the environment by tracing leaks of environmentally harmful gases. Many chemical compounds and gases are invisible to the naked eye. Several gases have a high global warming potential and strict regulations govern how Industries trace, document, rectify and report any leaks of harmful gaseous compounds, and how often these procedures are to be carried out. Gases can be detected depending on different models.


Optical gas imaging

Optical gas imaging for for detecting gas leaks

Thermal imaging cameras for Solar PV Plants

Thermal imaging allows anomalies to be seen clearly and, unlike other methods, can be used to scan installed solar panels during normal operation. It is also a highly time efficient process as a large area can be scanned in minutes. For maximum power generation, system life and the best return on investment every solar cell on a solar panel must be working. To provide this assurance industry is increasingly employing thermal imaging as its preferred method for locating defects.


Solar Thermography

Infrared Solar Panel Inspection Detects Hot Cells in Photo Voltaic Arrays


Thermal imaging cameras for Fire fighting applications

In the heat of the battle, a thermal imaging camera is indispensable – a vital tool that helps you quickly visualize your plan of attack, locate hot spots, and save lives.Affordable Thermal Imaging cameras offer easier ways to see more clearly in the darkest, smokiest environments by showing big, bright images to help you maneuver more strategically, stay better oriented, and find victims faster. With greater situational awareness, you’ll improve safety and the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Thermal imaging cameras for Fire fighting


Thermovision Cameras for Automotive Industry,Die Casting and PCB Checking

In the automotive industry, there are multitudes of production processes that involve heat or heat pattern generation that need to be monitored and quality checked. Typical methods are welding, gluing with pre-heated glue, thermoforming,molding and die casting.Infrared Thermal imaging Cameras is used for targeted monitoring of the cooling process in the development and production of diecast plastic components . Another application where infrared cameras can be used is PCB checking where anomalies in the thermal patterns can be detected if the PCB is powered up after the final assembly. This type of testing is mostly important for industries dealing with high reliability electronics or power electronics where anomalies can indicate a case of a possible early failure.

Temperature Monitors during the die casting


Thermography Cameras for Substation real time Monitoring ,Data Centers and IT Parks

Aging infrastructure, security threats to remote substations and the rising costs of unplanned maintenance are some of the main reasons Thermal Imaging cameras enable utilities to proactively avoid blackouts and brownouts, thanks to “smart” thermal imagers and software that can alert operators to impending equipment failures and security breaches 24/7/365.

IR Cameras for Electric power utilities

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Substation Monitoring

Ethernet  Thermal Imaging cameras

IR Monitor can be used with the FLIR A310 and A320 cameras to configure measurement settings and alarms.ResearchIR is only compatible with SC-branded Ethernet cameras. All drivers are installed automatically with ResearchIR.Ethernet cameras allow for other streaming video options using RTSP and GeniCAM-compliant software, depending on the camera model.

Adiradh Energy offers Infrared thermal imaging cameras,Thermal imagers,Thermographic cameras,Thermovision cameras in India;Hyderabad; Visakhapatnam; Vijayawada;Chennai; Puducherry; Trichy; Coimbatore; Hosur; Bangalore; Hubli; Mysore; Cochin; Kolkata; Pune; Goa; Mumbai; Thane; Kanpur; Jaipur; Nagpur; Delhi; Noida; Gurugam; Bhopal; Vadodara; Ahmedabad; Chandigarh; Chandigarh; Tata Nagar; Raipur; Rudrapur;; Durgapur; Kharagpur; Raigarh; Bhilai;Angul; Haldia; Jabalpur; Indore; Jamshedpur; Rajahmundry; Bokaro Steel City; Salem; Kochi; Rourkela; Ahmedabad ;Jamnagar; Bharuch; Sri City; Nashik; Haridwar; Mathura; Aurangabad; Bhubaneswar and other cities