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PD Scan-Online PD handheld scanner

Defects in medium and high voltage systems not only require costly repairs, but also can lead to failures of entire network sections with corresponding consequences. Therefore, it is in the interest of all network operators to recognize signs of impending defects as early as possible and to be able to take appropriate countermeasures on time. With the PD Scan, Adiradh Energy offers a lightweight, robust and portable PD scanner that can quickly inspect various type of equipment for partial discharge signals.n addition to the function checker, which enables you to check the TEV functionality of the device and is included with the unit,Megger also offers a demonstrator box.

The PD Scan is used for the early detection of partial discharges emanating from defects in medium voltage  switchgears and other electric equipment. For this purpose,the device has two internal sensors (TEV, airborne acoustic) and can also be operated with various types of external sensors (TEV, HFCT, airborne acoustic, contact probes)
Online PD handheld scanner

PD Scan Online  handheld scanner

Features  of PD Scan 

  • Three PD measurement methods in one device
  • Plug and Play; PD Scan automatically recognizes which external sensor has been connected
  • Easy to use via soft keys and touchscreen
  • Universal operating range due to large variety of sensor
  • Automatic evaluation and interpretation of the results
  • Optional comfortable Bluetooth® headphones
  • Integrated camera
  • QR code scanner for asset recognition
  • Different views and PRPD display for defect type recognition
  • Temperature and humidity measurement using supplied sensor with storage on PD Scan itself
  • MeggerBook RE reporting software

Variety of sensors

1) Acoustic-contact probe
2) TEV Loc senso
3) HFCT sensor
4) Parabolic receiver
PD Scan available  4 Sets  depending on applications

Set 1: Switchgear basic

The PD Scan Basic Set includes the main unit which has two internal sensors (TEV, acoustic).In addition, it includes an external TEV sensor for localizing partial discharges and a temperature and humidity sensor.The basic set is ideally suited for users who only want to concentrate on MV plant

Set 2: Switchgear basic + cable

The basic set + cable is ideally suited for users who want to concentrate on MV plant and cable

Set 3: Switchgear pro + cable

In addition to the HFCT and standard sensors, the pro set additionally contains external acoustic sensors for a more detailed analysis of MV plant

Set 4: Switchgear pro + cable + outdoor

In addition to set 3, a parabolic acoustic receiver with laser pointer is included, which is ideal for outdoor  use
such as surveying of HV components for surface and corona discharges.The complete set for those who want to use all the functionalities of the device, Scope of supply :PD Scan main device, Parabolic receiver, flexible acoustic sensor, acoustic-contact probe, HFCT SC40 sensor, external TEV sensor,temperature and humidity sensor, function tester, charger + USB cable, Bluetooth,headphone, transport case UNI, USB Stick with operating manual and reporting software


Adiradh Energy offers PD Scan Online PD handheld scanner in India;Hyderabad; Visakhapatnam; Vijayawada;Chennai; Puducherry; Trichy; Coimbatore; Hosur; Bangalore; Hubli; Mysore; Cochin; Kolkata; Pune; Goa; Mumbai; Thane; Kanpur; Jaipur; Nagpur; Delhi; Noida; Gurugam; Bhopal; Vadodara; Ahmedabad; Chandigarh; Chandigarh; Tata Nagar; Raipur; Rudrapur;; Durgapur; Kharagpur; Raigarh; Bhilai;Angul; Haldia; Jabalpur; Indore; Jamshedpur; Rajahmundry; Bokaro Steel City; Salem; Kochi; Rourkela; Ahmedabad ;Jamnagar; Bharuch; Sri City; Nashik; Haridwar; Mathura; Aurangabad; Bhubaneswar and other cities

Brochure for PD SCAN   Hand held scanner for PD Surveying in MV and HV plants   Download

Datasheet  for PD Scan  On line PD handheld scanner Download