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Power Quality Analyzers

Adiradh Energy offers Power quality analysers to provide evaluate the quality of power on its input to avoid Poor power quality , physical damage to equipment to system downtime, lower productivity yields increases in energy costs. Power analysis is one of the most complex areas of electrical testing. The first thing is understanding if a single, 3 phase or 3 phase plus neutral measurement is required.The next decision concerns what you want to measure. Is it just Amps, or do need to understand phase angles and kVAr, which shows the true power delivered.Other parameters include harmonics, due to the complex loads connected to today’s systems and in rush current caused by motors starting up. Are concerned with spikes and dips, lesser levels, sags and surges or all aspects of voltage disturbance..power quality analyzer is a 3-phase testing and analyzing device for the quality of power grid. Our power quality analyzer provides multiple analyzing for electric harmonic, voltage/current/frequency, 3-phase unbalance, etc..They measure both current and voltage, and detect dips, swells, fast transients, harmonics, power factor, and a host of other parameters that are useful for advanced power troubleshooting. They offer logging over time and in-depth analysis using PC-based software and reporting tools.