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Time Domain Reflect meters

Adiradh Energy offers Megger make Time Domain Reflectometers Advanced Handheld Single Channel TDR 1000/3,Hand held TDR1000/3P, Advanced Dual Channel TDR2000/3 and TDR 2010, Two Channel Cable Fault Locator ,TDR2050, Handheld Single Channel TDR TDR500/3, Cable length meter TDR 900.The TDR method is the most established and widely used measuring method for establishing the total length of a cable and the distance of cable faults and interruptions.The TDR is a professional Time Domain Reflectometer and Audio Frequency Generator designed to detect and locate faults on power cables and copper communication cables up to a distance of 100 km depending on models .Adiradh Energy also offers used together with a reflectometer, the Overhead line testing system can show impedance irregularities in disconnected overhead lines of all voltage levels. These irregularities include short circuits, breaks and intermediate conditions. Test pulse up to 1,500 V for long distances ,for distances over 2,000 km.